Samco Foaming Shampoo – 500ml

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Safely removes dirt, pollen, soot, and other contaminants
Does not remove wax or sealants, or dry out plastic and rubber
Creates a huge amount of thick, clinging foam for a foam cannon setup
Rinses clean without streaks


Prepare Car Shampoo: Pour the car shampoo in quantity indicated on its bottle into an empty bucket and pour water vigorously. This is how to make a good lather.

Wash Tires & Body: Wash the dirtiest parts, tires and wheels first. Rinse to remove mud and sand roughly, and wash using a sponge with car shampoo. Rinse off the dirt from the top downward.

Wash Gently: Wash gently. Scrubbing aggressively causes scratches, however, you can scrub difficult dirt like water stains.

Dry With a Towel: Dry with High Absorption Towel. This kind of towel can absorb many times as much water as a normal towel, which allows you to finish drying in no time at all.

Wash the vehicle with cool water.
Always use clean fresh water.
Wash your vehicle in the shade.
Do not use Stiff brushes or sponges.
Do not swallow.
Resin with water if came contact with the eye.

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